Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 90, Friday, March 30, 2012

Today my 4th child, Nathan, celebrates his 38th birthday!  Nathan, aka Naa-Noo, Goobie Gobbie, and Nate the Great, is the happiest young man--always eager to laugh from somewhere deep inside--especially at the sound of my voice and other weird sounds!! Although Nathan cannot see, I believe that someday he will have a new whole body and see Jesus!!

 I thought today would be my last physical therapy, but she signed me up for 7 more sessions!  This is one of the methods Joy is using to release some of the adhesions caused from 5 surgeries on this exact scar!  It's a syringie thingee that is really intended to suck venom from snake bite victims!  It is not the most comfortable experience, but if it works---that's great!!
Jeremy & Gloria seem to really like our pond---3rd year in a row, but they make their nest elsewhere, and we do not see them after that!

Today we brought Simeon for respite for 3 days at a special residential home for kids with his type of problems.  We are hoping for an extension of 7 days, so it will give us all time to work on funding for a residential placement of 60-90 days so the therapists can work on proper treatment for him---hoping we can get our Simeon back without aggression or major defiance.  We want everyone to be safe!

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