Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 89, Thursday, March 29, 2012

This day is all about Simeon.  We have been working with folks in the mental health field to get help for Simeon---and for us.  Simeon has become increasingly aggressive and defiant (as well as a few other issues.)  In order to keep everyone safe we take him for many rides...every evening until dark!  He seems to feel more calm in the vehicle, and it is a way to keep him and the rest of us safe.  With spring break beginning today, we had decided to rent a 12 passenger van next week, and put everyone in the van and drive, drive, drive....just to get through.  However, when the supports coordinator came out on Wednesday, as well as Simeon's teacher, they were quite concerned for the safety of all of us.  We all agreed that his behaviors have reached a crisis point, and we all need help.

We are awaiting a phone call that will tell us if he is going to go to one of the psychiatric hospitals in town or if he will be placed directly into the residential home for autistic children which is the placement we would prefer, and the one he would go to after an inpatient stay, if we go that route. There was a question about funding for the residential home, and that is the hold up.

 Mahree played on the iPad with Simeon for quite a while.  He likes the fireworks, and that kept him entertained for about 30 minutes.  She can be so good with him, and that is a help for us!

Mahree went out to take a picture of the ducks, but they went away when she came, so she caught a picture of some of our fish in our pond!  I liked the reflection of the flag!

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