Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 91, Saturday, March 31, 2012

Simeon had a good nite, and ate a good breakfast today.  He also went around and put his fingers under every door, taking the skin off one of his fingers!  He needed a Band-Aid and ointment!  He also told the staff he hadn't seen his Mom all day and that he missed his Mom.  Poor guy!

We made a quick trip to visit my grandkids and their parents!  Tyler had a birthday, and is now 14!  He is such a sweetie!  Love him so much...

Katelyn is always so bubbly and happy to see us!  Love that little girl!

     2 of my grandkids with 3 of my kids!                                                                                                  Sam Merica Katelyn Mahree Tyler

On our way home we stopped at the corner gas station for some nachos and stuff---I saw these black & white cows, (Holsteins)  and then saw a black and white cat in the empty corn crib--I thought it was cool that they ordinated their animals!!

We went to Costco for some needed items, and they were closed already, so we made a quick stop at Target---got bunny ears for the kids, and Sam really liked his!!

Day 90, Friday, March 30, 2012

Today my 4th child, Nathan, celebrates his 38th birthday!  Nathan, aka Naa-Noo, Goobie Gobbie, and Nate the Great, is the happiest young man--always eager to laugh from somewhere deep inside--especially at the sound of my voice and other weird sounds!! Although Nathan cannot see, I believe that someday he will have a new whole body and see Jesus!!

 I thought today would be my last physical therapy, but she signed me up for 7 more sessions!  This is one of the methods Joy is using to release some of the adhesions caused from 5 surgeries on this exact scar!  It's a syringie thingee that is really intended to suck venom from snake bite victims!  It is not the most comfortable experience, but if it works---that's great!!
Jeremy & Gloria seem to really like our pond---3rd year in a row, but they make their nest elsewhere, and we do not see them after that!

Today we brought Simeon for respite for 3 days at a special residential home for kids with his type of problems.  We are hoping for an extension of 7 days, so it will give us all time to work on funding for a residential placement of 60-90 days so the therapists can work on proper treatment for him---hoping we can get our Simeon back without aggression or major defiance.  We want everyone to be safe!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 89, Thursday, March 29, 2012

This day is all about Simeon.  We have been working with folks in the mental health field to get help for Simeon---and for us.  Simeon has become increasingly aggressive and defiant (as well as a few other issues.)  In order to keep everyone safe we take him for many rides...every evening until dark!  He seems to feel more calm in the vehicle, and it is a way to keep him and the rest of us safe.  With spring break beginning today, we had decided to rent a 12 passenger van next week, and put everyone in the van and drive, drive, drive....just to get through.  However, when the supports coordinator came out on Wednesday, as well as Simeon's teacher, they were quite concerned for the safety of all of us.  We all agreed that his behaviors have reached a crisis point, and we all need help.

We are awaiting a phone call that will tell us if he is going to go to one of the psychiatric hospitals in town or if he will be placed directly into the residential home for autistic children which is the placement we would prefer, and the one he would go to after an inpatient stay, if we go that route. There was a question about funding for the residential home, and that is the hold up.

 Mahree played on the iPad with Simeon for quite a while.  He likes the fireworks, and that kept him entertained for about 30 minutes.  She can be so good with him, and that is a help for us!

Mahree went out to take a picture of the ducks, but they went away when she came, so she caught a picture of some of our fish in our pond!  I liked the reflection of the flag!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 88, Wednesday, March 28, 2012

 Rosie is intently reading a book she downloaded on her laptop!
Kaite is playing with Ozzie, Tuffy, and Sadie!

 Bonnie was passing thru, and I had to capture her smile!
Jeremy & Gloria, our ducks that come annually to our pond, arrived this evening.  While we do enjoy seeing them, we don't want them to eat our frogs or our fish!  Scaring them away doesn't work---they do not scare!!


Today the decision was made to admit Simeon for a psychiatric evaluation because of his increasing aggression, violence, and defiance that puts him and the rest of us at risk. Very difficult emotional decision, but hopefully this move will get Simeon the help he needs.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 87, Tuesday, March 27, 2012

 We got 4 new chairs a couple of weeks ago, which meant we could put the bench away---the kids are getting too big to sit on the bench.
                                Cody seemed to really enjoy petting Tink Addy.

We stopped to pick up eggs at the Bonners that Heidi had given them to give me, and Dick Bonner had his telescope set up.  He let Cheryl & Sam look at sun spots on the sun.  I don't think Sam knew what he was looking for, but Cheryl said she saw them!

Kathy Grasmeyer stopped by with papers for us to sign, and she got an important call, and right after her call, Cheryl got one.  I found it so funny that they both had calls they had to take,                           and I had to snap a photo!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 86, Monday, March 26, 2012

The condo where Rosie might move into with 4 other girls!  We met the other girls tonight, and she had homemade pizza with them---they also played Skip-Bo...
Mahree bought dipping chocolate and dipped strawberries in chocolate.  She also made a delectable dessert for the family with shortcake, strawberries, chocolate and whipped topping!  She really enjoys fussing in the kitchen, and created all kinds of food dishes.  She watches the food channel, and is into "presentation" of food!

We finally found some bearded dragons!  Mahree's lizard, Abigail, died a several weeks ago.  When we tried to find a new lizard for her, no one had one!  Today I called around and found two pet stores that had some lizards in stock, and also the reptile store had just gotten two babies in.  Jim, the owner, knew Mahree had been anxiously awaiting a new lizard, told us that he would give us a discount if we took both of them.  Mahree fell in love with them both, and so she now is the proud "Mommy" of two 3 month old bearded dragon babies.  They look very different.
 We won't know for about a year what gender these babies are!  At this point in time they get along very well!  We can't get over how tiny they are---and the crickets they eat are also very tiny.

Cheryl & Mahree set up the babies' new home, and are trying to make sure the heat timers are set correctly!

The baby lizards were hungry and eagerly snapped up the tiny crickets!
They also found their way to the water!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 85, Sunday, March 25, 2012

Beautiful spring flowers at Calvary Church this morning!  I dropped Rosie & Kaitie off for the 2nd service, and then drove Simeon around for a while, so we don't have to deal with him at home!

 We drove to Tassel Park--the water was beautiful.  When we came home, Merica's cat, Angel, was watching out the window!

The special needs adult class meets in the chapel during the 3rd service.  I snapped a picture of 4 of my 5 kiddos that attend that class!  Shonda, Kara, Tim, and Kaitie...Cody was wandering around!
 John & Edna Schorr gave their testimony, and shared about Edna's cancer.  Pastor Josh Mateer prayed for her and for others who stood up that are also going thru health difficulties.

Springtime at our home!  Mahree counted 17 frogs in our pond!       The beautiful flowers trees take my breath away--our wonderful God created some awesome treats for our eyes!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 84, Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kara & Kaitie in "Vinnie", my van, as we ran around town today!
 This was a busy Saturday morning!  Cheryl took Bonnie to Special Olympics practice, and had Simeon, Cody, Meika, Spencer, Sam, Merica along for the ride.  She treated them to breakfast at Burger King.  Rosie had to go to work, and had her ride coming while we were gone.

I took Kara, Shonda, Kaitie and Mahree along with me to take Mahree to her ballet class.   While she was in class I took the other 3 to Burger King for breakfast.  I waited in the van and read while they went in to eat.  I pulled Mahree out of class 1/2 hour early so she could attend a mandatory 4H rabbit meeting.

After Cheryl picked Bonnie up from practice, she ran her kiddos home, except for Simeon and Sam.  She met us at the 4H office, and she and Mahree went to the rabbit meeting.  I took the two boys in my van along with the 3 girls.  We stopped at Little Caesar's Pizza and brought lunch home.  After the kids were finished eating, I loaded Shonda and Simeon up to go pick Mahree up from the meeting early so she would be home in time to be picked up for a Girl Scout event.  Just before we got on the x-way, Cheryl called to say they were out early, and she would take Mahree home!  That gave me time to pick up prescriptions from the pharmacy!   Mahree made it home with time to spare before her ride came.  Cheryl then took Simeon & Bonnie to Zeeland to deliver some Girl Scout cookies to Mary Beth---I got to take a nap!! 
 Kaitie, Kara, & Shonda watched Shirley Temple movies, and Sam watched TV in my room with a head set.  Once Cheryl & Bonnie came home Simeon wanted to "fix" his bike, so I could stall taking him for a ride.  The rides are the only way we can keep his aggressiveness and defiance at bay.  Takes  a lot of gas, but tones down the bruising he gives and his melt downs!

Sam enjoyed playing on his Mobigo while Cody, Merica, & Meika napped.  Shonda likes to do her word searches.  Our afternoon was much quieter!!

Hanging out together!
Rosie, Meika, Kaitie, Kara, Merica, Shonda, & Sam

Simeon continued to "fix" his bike, and Sam put on a show for me when he saw the camera!  Nice afternoon!  Cheryl even got a little "catnap" and I fixed dinner.  Hamburger Helper with hotdogs!! Hmmm!  'Tis awful when you can't taste test what you're feeding them!!  Sure love my family!  Thankful to God for entrusting me with life has been enriched more than I can express!

bathtime after a big day of playing!!

After bath---feels SO good!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 83, Friday, March 23, 2012

After the kids went to school, Cheryl & I went to a PCP (person centered planning) meeting at Timothy's new group home...he loves to flaunt his Michigan State shirt to his Mom who is a Michigan fan!!

We celebrated Kara's 40th birthday party today.  Her birthday was March 19, but she had dance practice that night.    Bonnie always gives everyone a balloon for their birthdays!

 When we bought Shonda's gifts, we bought similar items for Kara, since they live together.  When Shonda saw that Kara got a CD/radio/alarm clock like we got for her, she about cracked up---it was so funny!!

Kara's birthday cake that Bonnie picked up for us today--she had her name put on it---it's cupcakes arranged like spring flowers!