Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 68, Thursday, March 8, 2012

Today I went to TOPS with Rosie, and Bonnie went with Cheryl to Wayland to get pet food that was ordered.  After TOPS Rosie & I went to H & J's to get some hair supplies for the younger girls.  We went to get Rosie's blood work done, and she got in and out very quickly!  We then went to pick Kaitie up from school, and met Cheryl & Bonnie at Calvary's parking lot (2nd day in a row) to see the van she was test driving.  We are hoping to replace my van soon.  Yesterday was a Kia Sedona and today was a Honda Odyssey.  Both were a bluish color...tomorrow is another one, but this one is out of town!

Last night Sam went to bed with a very loose tooth that was bothering him,
and this morning it came out!  He was very pleased.

He is wearing his most favorite shirt--it's a hoodie that Mr. Stewart made for him at his shop--Just Jesus Jerseys in Rogers Plaza!  He wants to wear this sweatshirt every single day---wants to have it washed every night!

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