Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 75, Thursday, March 15, 2012

On Thursday morning as we headed into the hospital, Cheryl took a picture of me.  We wanted to check on Jody before we headed back home.

Jody was experiencing pain, but had already had her arm out of the sling to do exercises.  She rather amazed us with how much better she looked  today and sounded.  Yesterday she hardly had a voice and a really sore throat.  She was concerned she was coming down with something.  Today the shakes she was experiencing were gone, and that was really a relief.

Jody with her balloon and flowers!

We visited for a while after Tom came, and then we left to do a little shopping on Front Street...Tom brought us some dark chocolate covered pomegranetes from Sam's Club! 

We stopped to look at the Bay and take some pictures!  It was so beautiful out---sunny and warm!

When we finished shopping we stopped at a neat coffee shop, and Cheryl's latte came with this cool design on the top!!

On the drive back home, there was quite a bit of snow in the woods and sides of the road.  It seemed so strange with the outside temperature in the 70's!

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