Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 70, Saturday, March 10, 2012

We were "Thornappled" yesterday,                                                  and my 3 Thornapple kids                                                               posed by the Apple sign!  Fun!

The Grand Blanc dealer brought my new van to our house this morning for my approval--when Cheryl test drove it yesterday, she thought she detected a cigarette smell.  I took it over to Postmaa's and asked Rhonda and Stephanie to smell the van!!

Since the van passed the smell test, the driver
 left with the check, (compliments of the DeVos Foundation and Clare) and my van---they are installing a DVD player
& delivering it back to us on Monday!
the next 3 pictures are documentation of the injuries Cheryl received from Simeon today.  He has hit or in some way injured her on 3 different occasions this week.  As his defiance increases, so does his violence.  We are praying and considering residential placement.  As it stands right now, when he is home and awake, Cheryl has to be with him every minute to protect him and others from him.

IP had to interview me for her American Heritage Girls Club so she could earn a badge.  I had to tell her what God meant to me and how the Bible influenced me in my life!
While we had our first 4H meeting of the year, the boys' entertained themselves with the X-Box!   This meeting was an organizational meeting, so we wanted to give the kids a chance to play and just have time to be together!  The adults met and planned our next several meetings, and Mrs. C told us about our next quilt project---the kids will have a choice of two projects---a pillow or a throw...should be less time intensive,
and still look really nice!

HP showed the kids how to make  foam name plate--most of the girls made them and a couple of the boys!  Meika really got into them and made about 5!!!

One of our families got a new puppy yesterday!  Louie is 7 weeks old, and is a mix of Cocker Spaniel, Rat Terrier, and Jack Russell.  He certainly was a hit, and tolerated all the handling very well.  He seems like a very nice pup!

The Moms continued visiting and talking about various subjects
after our meeting was really over.  We have such a good group!
They are an encouragement to me!

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