Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 73, Tuesday, March 13, 2012

 Mahree is going to an American Girl Doll Party with the Places tonight, and wanted to take Addy in her outfit she made to match the one she made for herself.  We couldn't find the skirt for Addy.  I went to JoAnn Fabrics, and found the same material--it had been almost a year since we bought the original fabric!  I whipped up a quick little skirt, and Mahree was pleased...added some ribbons for their hair!
Cheryl & I went up north to Kaleva to visit with Tom & Jody before heading to our hotel in Traverse City.  Jody is having shoulder replacement surgery tomorrow at Munson Hospital in TC.  They still have quite a bit of snow---and it was fairly warm today, too!

 We brought a few gifts for Jody to the house, so Tom wouldn't have to cart them all home from the hospital!  Bonnie sent her sox & a card & a FROG!

Jody showed us her orchids!  Very pretty!
Cheryl with Mischief and Tom as we visited in the new room!

Tom & Jody took us out for dinner, and we laughed at the pork chop with chipotle mustard and cranberry meal---the mustard looked a little strange!!  Jody ordered au jus for me, and it actually worked!!

After a stop at Meijers to pick up pjs for Cheryl---she forgot hers, we made it to the Baymont Inn.  The room was laid out rather interestingly---you walk into the bathroom---sink to the left & toilet to the right.  However, it served our purposes.  We had some meltdowns occuring at home, and Cheryl was on the phone trying to work things out long distance.  It took a while, but finally all of us were able to get to sleep!

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