Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 60, Wednesday, February 29, 2012

After the children were off to school, it was time for Kara's PCP meeting.  Once a year my adult children who have a case manager (Rick, Kara, Shonda, Nathan  & Timothy) have a Person Centered Planning meeting.  During this meeting we discuss strengths, weaknesses, goals, the individual's concerns, dreams, and anything they wish to talk about, and fill out lots of paperwork.  Today Kara's group home Mom, Nancy Greve, and Kara stayed and visited with me after the meeting---very nice time!

My daughter, Kara, and me have a moment!!  Kara's birthday is March 19, and she brought her birthday list...she's quite excited as she turns 40 this year!!
Sam has 1/2 days at school on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Today he had a follow up appointment  for his elbow that he broke a year and a half ago.  The doc needed to be sure the growth plate was OK, and it is!  Praise God!  He likes the playroom, and I liked the picture Cheryl took of him on the frog!!  I wasn't able to go along, as my meds are still being adjusted, and I am struggling with some pain issues.
Sam kept himself occupied drawing pictures on the magnetic board.  He's not always been interested in fine motor things, but today he drew a very nice picture!

I gave Sam a double high 5 for working hard on making this picture!

Cheryl found this print of a frog--
                                                         I think she took the picture just for me!

A look at the inside of my Sammy's arm!  I still am amazed at the technology that allows them to take x-rays that go directly to the computer.  So thankful that he has had no complications from his
complicated break.
This is the costume Mahree's jazz class will be wearing for the spring recital.  The pose in the picture isn't exactly nice, but the nice thing about Hearts in Step Christian Dance Academy is that they do not use provocative moves and they use Christ honoring music.  Mahree is also taking 2 ballet classes this year....we are considering taking a break next year from dance----it's been a bit stressful for her this year.  She has taken dance for 8 years.

Day 59, Tuesday, February 28, 2012

When we came back from Ann Arbor yesterday, we stopped at the outlet mall near Brighton.  Mahree wanted to go to Claire's, and while there used her own money to buy a few things---glitter was one of the things she got.  She came upstairs with more glitter on her face than I have ever seen!  Very cute---in the mirror you can see Cheryl taking Mahree's picture!

Someone gave Rosie a flyer about a possible supported living environment that might work for her if we could get funding!

Dinnertime, and the kids were enjoying a special dessert!  We bought a box of candy that was representative of the 1950's!  It was great fun for everyone to experiment and to watch them enjoy things that their Auntie and I enjoyed when we were kids! 

Tuffy can get himself into the cutest poses, and it's fun to try to catch him with the camera---it was even more fun today, as I caught Merica loving him---

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 58, Monday, February 27, 2012

Dr. Ward examines me mouth quite               
  thoroughly  while
Dr. Giladi observes

 Dr. Nemec checks my mouth for signs that the obterator is irritating my mouth---everything looks clear!  Dr. Zwetchkenbaum checked in!
 Mahree & I were waiting for the valet to get our van.                 There is often quite original art lining the hallways of the University Hospital. I was pleased to see this frog!

A passerby took a
picture of the 3 of                                                         
us after my

After we left the hospital we stopped for a late lunch at Cracker Barrel.  Of course we did a little shopping in their wonderful gift shop!


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 57, Sunday, February 26, 2012

Today Cody, Spencer, Merica, and Sam "baby-sat" for me!  We had church at home; watched a Veggie Tales about the prodigal son, and colored a picture about the father embracing his prodigal son---the kids weren't really too excited about the singing, were quiet for prayer time and Scripture, though!  Cheryl took the rest of the gang to Calvary, and I watched the live feed in two parts!!

MaryBeth is here to help Bonnie with the kids while Cheryl, Mahree & I head out for Ann Arbor this afternoon.  I have appointments on Monday at the University Hospital.  Rosie is going to Trisha's and they plan to scrapbook.

After our Church at Home, the kids played with their video games while I watched the live feed!  Cody--well, he took a nap!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 56, Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cheryl took Mahree to her ballet class, and had Simeon & Kaitie with her while she ran errands.  When she came home, Simeon, Spencer, and Sam played in the snow---they wrestled, threw snowballs, and just had some good outdoor fun!
MaryBeth came to stay for the weekend, as I have appointments in Ann Arbor on Monday.  This afternoon Bonnie, Rosie, & Mary Beth went to see a movie, Joyful Noise!  Cheryl made dinner before picking them up, and after dinner read devotions to the family.

While Cheryl read devotions, Sadie & Tuffy enjoyed Spencer's Angry Birds blanket!!
 Cheryl bought Mahree some new ballet shoes at Kicks.    Mahree counted her money in anticipation of a stop at an outlet mall on our way to or from Ann Arbor this weekend!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 55, Friday, February 24, 2012

 Meika came to see me this morning after Bonnie & Mahree got her ready for the day.  Snow Day today!  We got off to a lazy start!
Mahree watched a movie on her Kindle--
we both enjoy our Kindles a lot!
Last night just a smidgen of snow; this morning everything is white and beautiful outside!  Love Snow Days!

Cody really enjoyed his special chair, his new birthday book, and to top it off---Veggie Tales on his little TV!
 Spencer and Sam had fun trying to sled down the hill!
Simeon enjoyed the snow on his face!
Rosie was very bored today.  Someone at work called to see if she could take her shift tonight---she was SO relieved to have something to do!!

It was supposed to be crazy clothes day at school today, so Merica decided to wear crazy clothes at home!!  She looked kind of cute!

Mr. Stewart came over to cut the 3 boys' hair---they needed it pretty bad!  Spencer wasn't thrilled--he'd rather be playing video games!!

Kaitie was enjoying watching the boys' haircuts!
Meika was so funny---she went and got the broom and dust pan, and began to try to sweep the floor!!  She also kept shutting Mr. Stewart's box.  He told her he was thinking of hiring new help!!

Day 54, Thursday, February 23, 2012

 After getting the kids off to school, Rosie, Bonnie, Cheryl, and I went to TOPS, so Cheryl, Rosie & I could weigh in.  We didn't stay for the meeting.
We then picked Kaitie up from KTC, and then met Diane Sytsma at Red Sun Buffet for lunch.

After getting the younger kids to bed, we settled in to watch a DVD that Aunt Jody let us borrow, 7 Days in Utopia.  Was a good, clean movie.

Bonnie got herself a snack before the movie began---do you think she was showing off her Dove bar??

I borrowed Cheryl's camera to take a picture of the front of our house about 8:00 PM--we're under a winter storm warning--so I am expecting the picture tomorrow morning to look very different!