Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 55, Friday, February 24, 2012

 Meika came to see me this morning after Bonnie & Mahree got her ready for the day.  Snow Day today!  We got off to a lazy start!
Mahree watched a movie on her Kindle--
we both enjoy our Kindles a lot!
Last night just a smidgen of snow; this morning everything is white and beautiful outside!  Love Snow Days!

Cody really enjoyed his special chair, his new birthday book, and to top it off---Veggie Tales on his little TV!
 Spencer and Sam had fun trying to sled down the hill!
Simeon enjoyed the snow on his face!
Rosie was very bored today.  Someone at work called to see if she could take her shift tonight---she was SO relieved to have something to do!!

It was supposed to be crazy clothes day at school today, so Merica decided to wear crazy clothes at home!!  She looked kind of cute!

Mr. Stewart came over to cut the 3 boys' hair---they needed it pretty bad!  Spencer wasn't thrilled--he'd rather be playing video games!!

Kaitie was enjoying watching the boys' haircuts!
Meika was so funny---she went and got the broom and dust pan, and began to try to sweep the floor!!  She also kept shutting Mr. Stewart's box.  He told her he was thinking of hiring new help!!

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