Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 50, Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kaitie, Cody, Spencer, and Sammy "baby-sat" for me today, while the rest of the family went to services at Calvary Church. We watched a video called, At Jesus' Side, and colored a picture of praying hands and the Bible.

The kids' coloring their Bible/prayer pictures!

The video that we watched wasn't the best in my opinion, but it did entertain the children, and at the same time told the story of Jesus' last days.  While they were watching the DVD, I turned on Calvary's live feed.  Was able to sing (silently) along with the congregation, and watched the baptisms.  Sad part came when we had to publicly say good-bye to Toran and Brenda Scott.  They are leaving Calvary to serve God in another church.  Will miss them so much.  They have been on my daily prayer list for a long time, and I love them.
It was obviously not easy for Pastor Jim Samra either.

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