Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 37, Monday, February 6, 2012

It is Shonda's birthday today, but we had celebrated it before my surgery.  Kaitie came to say HI to me, but I had to take 6 pictures before we got one with her eyes open!  She has a fast blinker!!

 Lucy, Spencer's cat, likes to snuggle, and here she is snuggling under my blanket that Candace Spadoni made me and taking good care of Sammy's Power Ranger, too!
This was the evening that we discovered that Rosie had left for Indiana to meet up with a guy she met online.  We had a time of prayer.  My emotions were still topsy turvy, got a little better when Rosie communicated with me via texting, and then, Cheryl, Bonnie, and Mahree entertained me with a shoot em up bang bang movie--not my first choice, but it certainly got my mind off my worries!!       (The Tourist)

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