Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 40, Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dan & Lou Ann Gaydou heard we were hoping to find funding for an iPad for the children to help them with their educational needs--especially for Simeon, and donated one to our family!  They also gave enough to pay for taxes and a card to put apps on the iPad.  What amazing friends these two are.  We love them---and not for their giving to us.  They are an example of Christ's love for others.
 Meika loves to come in and say good night to me--usually Sammy's in my bed cuddling before he goes to bed.  She loves to blow us kisses, and is incredibly sweet!
So fun to have Laura home to visit for a few days.
We don't get to see her near often enough.
It's her birthday on Monday, and so we are taking
her to get her hair done tomorrow, and the girls
are taking her to see Joyful Noise tomorrow evening!                                                                                          
(*note--2/10/12--snow all day made roads too dangerous to go to the movie!  sniff sniff!)
We'll be sad to see her go on Saturday---
hoping the whole family
will be able to come for spring break!

Dan and Lou Ann Gaydou gifted us with money to purchase an Apple iPod
for the children's educational use.  I am beyond excited.  We are keeping it a
secret from the kids until we get it all set up and some educational apps on it--
hopefully by this weekend.  This picture is the bag that holds the iPod inside!!

Sammy wanted me to hold him in bed while he watched Power Rangers (not my favorite program!!)  I was typing a note to Lou Ann with one finger and took a picture of us to send to Aunt Lou Ann!

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