Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 41, Friday, February 10, 2012

Grabbed a few of my family for a picture--caught Laura, Kaitlyn, Spencer, Katelyn,Sam, Tyler, and Merica--Mahree's bus hadn't arrived and Katelyn was very worried she would miss her
  My granddaughter, Katelyn, with her beautiful smile!
Next is my handsome grandson, Tyler, age 14, who loves to play the X-box!

 My daughters, Bonnie, Meredith, and Laura--Meredith is married to my son, Donald (DJ), but is just like my own daughter!  We took care of Tyler and Katelyn today while DJ had some medical tests done, and Laura was spending a few days with us as a birthday treat!
 Tyler with his Uncle Spencer, age 10...they both like to play video games and get along great!
 DJ had not slept all night as he works the night shift, drove here from Carson City, had the medical tests to try to determine why he is having such stomach pains...unable to eat much--he has me concerned.  He could not stay awake--I thought my getwell balloon from Bonnie should have gone home with him!
My Laura and me after she got her hair done (and eyebrows, too) as one of our birthday treats for her!  Love that girl!  Wish Chicago wasn't so far away!  Miss the rest of her family!  Maybe they will all come up on spring break.

Tyler,Meredith,DJ, and Katelyn--this was before the medical procedure at Metro.  After they left our house they had to crawl 20 miles an hour to get home, because of the bad roads--I tried to get them to stay overnight, but they had left their pellet stove on, and didn't dare stay away--they saw numerous accidents and cars in the ditches.  So thankful they got home safely!

grabbed the "kids" who were around for a quick group picture--besides DJ, Meredith, Tyler, and Katelyn, Bonnie, Rosie, and Merica got in the picture (Merica was home with a slight sore throat, but no fever--she got to play with Katelyn--nice for them both!)

I had a most wonderful surprise visit from Shantell Ford (Shi) today.  She brought me a Gettys DVD autographed to me that she and Ken bought me at the Getty concert last night. They know how much I enjoy the Getty's and I've told them I pray for them---their wonderful music has gotten me thru two cancer treatments and my knee episode!  How thankful I am for the Fords--love that family!

Katelyn was so sure she would miss seeing Mahree, age 11, as her bus was late due to the nasty roads, but Mahree got here in time for pictures and hellos!  These two get along very well!

Merica and Katelyn were creative in their play today while Tyler is playing video games in the background!

My Rosie, back home, safe andsound, thanks to God's loving protection!  So grateful to Him.

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