Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 42, Saturday, February 11, 2012

Laura was leaving for the bus station so she could return to Mike, Amal, Sam, Jarvis, & Lentee. Although we were sad to see her leave, we were very glad she could come.
Laura & Auntie
Group picture of Rosie, Laura, Cody, Cheryl,
Mahree (going to ballet class) Merica & Bonnie 

Bonnie, Laura, Rosie posed for me.                                        Then, my turn to pose with Laura!

Love how Spencer wears shorts and sleeveless shirts year around if given a choice!  He tolerates "regular" winter clothes at times!!
Sam said he had too big of a snack, and I told him his tummy looked like he ate a basketball.

Mahree & I worked on making cards this afternoon before she went to a pizza party with Stephanie and her family.  We had a good time, and want to do it again--soon!
Rosie became very upset because we wouldn't take her someplace we considered unsafe with people who might be unsafe.  She decided to leave home.  Broke my heart to let her go, but some very godly women, Phyllis, Judy, & Lou Ann, counseled me and prayed with me, and I was able to not get caught up in her drama--at least outwardly!  She called a Christian friend, Judy, who, after checking out the situation, talked with Rosie about what Jesus would want her to do, and Rosie realized she was about to make a horrible mistake.  She came home, and apologized to the family.  We are thankful she is home, safe  & sound!

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