Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 35, Saturday, February 4, 2012

We started out this Saturday with Merica, Spencer, and Sam playing nicely together on the X-Box

Angel, Merica's kitty cat, kept me company for a while today.

Ice after physical therapy was well rec'd...I want to push as much as my body will tolerate, so I will gain the full 80 degrees that Dr. Malvitz says is the farthest he wants me to go--(well, he said maybe I would be able to go as far as 90 degrees!)

Kathy Grasmeyer came to visit today, and brought me a beautiful arrangement of flowers--love them--they are so cheerful, and she brought a card for my collection!  Love it!

Sam watched TV with a headset on so that I could nap.  The balloon that Bonnie gave me is showing behind Sam, as is the Ensure he wanted for his snack this afternoon!

Bonnie, Cheryl, Mahree and I watched the rest of Faith Like Potatoes on DVD.  It was an inspirational movie with much credit given to God and to Scripture, but the movie dragged on a bit as far as we were concerned.

Molly, my kitty who has turned traitor and loves Mahree more than me!, joined us for the movie, although she felt the need to sleep!

I alternately watched the DVD and did my laptop!  I also was trying to calm Mahree down as she was being silly...better than the moods of earlier in the day!!

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