Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 63, Saturday, March 3, 2012

 Cheryl and I were able to attend a workshop on using tablets with special needs individuals.  Thanks to Bonnie & to Mary Beth's willingness to spend the day, and to Melvin Stewart who took Simeon for the whole day!  Rosie also went to Trisha's for the day.  Diane Sytsma picked Mahree up, so she wouldn't miss her dance class, and Connie P. picked her up and brought Henrietta and Mahree to our house to play together for the day!  So blessed to have so many folks willing to help us out.

In the conference, there was a general session and 3 breakout workshops.  Cheryl & I  attended different workshops, so we could benefit from 6 workshops.  We each had 1 that we really benefited from and we each had one that was OK, and the last one, we both ended up leaving early!  Fortunately we could text one another, so we were on the same page.

I liked the photo they used about sharing apps---since we raise cavies---and we work on sharing with the kiddos!
When we left Grand Valley State University's downtown campus, we made a quick stop to see Ray Mayhew at the Heart Center where he was just  moved from critical care to a regular room.  He is still in a lot of pain, but the surgery was successful.
 It was good to see Ray, Barb and their daughter, Lois...we gave our "FROGman" a frog and a laminated card--his turn!!
                                                Pastor Ray showing the card we gave him.

Once we were home, Cheryl took Kara, Shonda, Rosie, Bonnie, and Kaitie with her for a dance event they had at Woodhaven Reformed in Byron Center.  She also took Simeon along for the ride, and they took MaryBeth back home to Zeeland.
She picked up fast food on the way home, since we were quite tired out.  Cody & Meika were already fed and ready for bed by the time they got home.  Full day, but felt very productive.

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