Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 62, Friday, March 2, 2012

I had Physical Therapy this morning with Sandra, and Rosie had a bad headache.  She wasnted to see the doctor, so we left her at the Urgent Care Center (same building as my therapy center.)  Bonnie came along, and we went to Meijers, and then we picked Kaitie up from school, &  we went to Georgie's consignment shop in Ada---Kaitie bought a new dress, scarf and purse for Sunday.

After we picked Rosie up (headache of undetermined origin) we went downtown to check out where Cheryl & I have our workshop on Saturday.  We made a stop at Kicks Dance Store, as my 6 dancing girls needed various things for dance class & the upcoming recital.  I waited in the van---it was raining just a little.

 I took pictures of Cheryl, Rosie, Kaitie, and turned out to be a fun excursion!                                    We also made a stop at Bagel Beanery for bagels for them and soup for me! 

Spencer loves to lie on his Angry Birds blanket with Sadie, and play with his Nintendo 3D.  Here he's doubling as Superman!!!

I saw that my Sissy, Pepper, was online, so I Skyped her.  Meika was thrilled to see her & Uncle Wayne.  Cody also thought it was fun, and Mahree and Aunt Pepper did their angel imitation "Wooooooo!"  I took a picture on my computer screen that shows both sides of the conversation in Northern California and Michigan!  Lots of the rest of the family came into the room to say hi, too!

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