Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 72, Monday, March 12, 2012

 Took Simeon in first thing this morning to be assessed at Network 180---it's a funding place and first stop to get some help in dealing with his many issues that are wearing us down!
Mahree had an ADHD check up today, and we were able to cover many other concerns of Mahree's as well.  She'll be seeing a podiatrist regarding a toenail problem!

Henry takes a look at his replacement, Vinnie.  I have mixed feelings about saying goodbye to him---his mileage is almost 150, 000.  Vinnie is a wonderful gift from some wonderful folks---who offered him without any input from us to anyone! 

Finally able to use my license plate holder---Henry's license bolts were rusted on!

Vinnie's odometer is a lot healthier!!  Love the blue lights---in most aspects Vinnie is just like Henry---he's silver outside & grey inside, and has a sun roof...but most things are the same.  We had them add a DVD player, and so the kids can only watch it with the headsets--or the radio interferes.

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