Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 84, Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kara & Kaitie in "Vinnie", my van, as we ran around town today!
 This was a busy Saturday morning!  Cheryl took Bonnie to Special Olympics practice, and had Simeon, Cody, Meika, Spencer, Sam, Merica along for the ride.  She treated them to breakfast at Burger King.  Rosie had to go to work, and had her ride coming while we were gone.

I took Kara, Shonda, Kaitie and Mahree along with me to take Mahree to her ballet class.   While she was in class I took the other 3 to Burger King for breakfast.  I waited in the van and read while they went in to eat.  I pulled Mahree out of class 1/2 hour early so she could attend a mandatory 4H rabbit meeting.

After Cheryl picked Bonnie up from practice, she ran her kiddos home, except for Simeon and Sam.  She met us at the 4H office, and she and Mahree went to the rabbit meeting.  I took the two boys in my van along with the 3 girls.  We stopped at Little Caesar's Pizza and brought lunch home.  After the kids were finished eating, I loaded Shonda and Simeon up to go pick Mahree up from the meeting early so she would be home in time to be picked up for a Girl Scout event.  Just before we got on the x-way, Cheryl called to say they were out early, and she would take Mahree home!  That gave me time to pick up prescriptions from the pharmacy!   Mahree made it home with time to spare before her ride came.  Cheryl then took Simeon & Bonnie to Zeeland to deliver some Girl Scout cookies to Mary Beth---I got to take a nap!! 
 Kaitie, Kara, & Shonda watched Shirley Temple movies, and Sam watched TV in my room with a head set.  Once Cheryl & Bonnie came home Simeon wanted to "fix" his bike, so I could stall taking him for a ride.  The rides are the only way we can keep his aggressiveness and defiance at bay.  Takes  a lot of gas, but tones down the bruising he gives and his melt downs!

Sam enjoyed playing on his Mobigo while Cody, Merica, & Meika napped.  Shonda likes to do her word searches.  Our afternoon was much quieter!!

Hanging out together!
Rosie, Meika, Kaitie, Kara, Merica, Shonda, & Sam

Simeon continued to "fix" his bike, and Sam put on a show for me when he saw the camera!  Nice afternoon!  Cheryl even got a little "catnap" and I fixed dinner.  Hamburger Helper with hotdogs!! Hmmm!  'Tis awful when you can't taste test what you're feeding them!!  Sure love my family!  Thankful to God for entrusting me with life has been enriched more than I can express!

bathtime after a big day of playing!!

After bath---feels SO good!!

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