Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 86, Monday, March 26, 2012

The condo where Rosie might move into with 4 other girls!  We met the other girls tonight, and she had homemade pizza with them---they also played Skip-Bo...
Mahree bought dipping chocolate and dipped strawberries in chocolate.  She also made a delectable dessert for the family with shortcake, strawberries, chocolate and whipped topping!  She really enjoys fussing in the kitchen, and created all kinds of food dishes.  She watches the food channel, and is into "presentation" of food!

We finally found some bearded dragons!  Mahree's lizard, Abigail, died a several weeks ago.  When we tried to find a new lizard for her, no one had one!  Today I called around and found two pet stores that had some lizards in stock, and also the reptile store had just gotten two babies in.  Jim, the owner, knew Mahree had been anxiously awaiting a new lizard, told us that he would give us a discount if we took both of them.  Mahree fell in love with them both, and so she now is the proud "Mommy" of two 3 month old bearded dragon babies.  They look very different.
 We won't know for about a year what gender these babies are!  At this point in time they get along very well!  We can't get over how tiny they are---and the crickets they eat are also very tiny.

Cheryl & Mahree set up the babies' new home, and are trying to make sure the heat timers are set correctly!

The baby lizards were hungry and eagerly snapped up the tiny crickets!
They also found their way to the water!

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