Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 82, Thursday, March 22, 2012

While waiting for the bus for Cody & Meika to come, Bonnie called and said, "Come look at Cody."  When we came we realized that Cody was having a grand mal seizure!  This is the first time anyone has seen him have a grand mal.  We've suspected that he had 3 petit mal seizures in the past, but his EEGs have been normal.  We kept him home, and he did well the rest of the day---after sleeping for a couple of hours.

Within an hour of seizuring, Cody was back to "reading" his coloring book, watching his Veggie Tales, and acting very normally.
We decided to take Cody & Bonnie along when Cheryl, Rosie, and I went to weigh in at TOPS.  We did not stay for the meeting, of course.  These beautiful daffodils were outside the church where our TOPS meets.

I took a picture in Vinnie, my new van, of Rosie, Bonnie, with Cody in the back seat!  What a beautiful day!

Vinnie has a sun roof, and this was my view as we left the TOPS meeting!

When we got home, I took a picture of my magnolia tree with the beautiful blossom buds ready to burst---by evening many of them had opened up---so lovely!
Girl Scout cookies came today!

Picked Mahree up for her ballet dance class--we were expecting some scattered thunderstorms, but we didn't see any---90 degrees today!  March.  Amazing.

Merica sat next to me tonight, and both Ozzie and Tink Addy decided to keep her company, too! 

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