Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 69, Friday, March 9, 2012

The kids brush their teeth in our laundry room---we can keep better tabs on their brushing...Merica is brushing her teeth just before going to school!

Today Rosie and I each got a manicure.  She got a French manicure and I stayed with my pink polish---until little Kelby comes home from the hospital!  She has such tiny hands!!!

When we got home today, we found out we had been Thornappled!  At the elementary school the 3 youngest kids attend it is a fund raiser & tradition to either request or have someone else Thornappled (the school is Thornapple) for 24 hours.  You can choose to donate to the PTO, opt out, or pay to have someone else Thornappled.  I didn't sign up, so someone anonymous sent it our way!  So FUN!!!

Meika totally enjoys the dogs!  She calls them, leads them around on their leashes, and holds them!

 Bonnie called us from Pennsylvania, and Cheryl put her on speaker phone.  Mahree called me from downstairs and I put her on speaker phone.  Cheryl put the two girls together on the speaker phones so they could talk to each other!!!
Cheryl test drove this 2010 Toyota Sienna in Grand Blanc today; we have been gifted with funds to replace my van.  We did not request this, but Clare De Graaf and the DeVos Foundation put this all together for us.  This is probably the one out of 3 that she test drove that we will get.

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