Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 149, Memorial Day, Monday, May 28, 2012

First thing this morning Mahree took care of her cavies...Noodles is on the left and below by the interested bearded dragon (either Nemo or Eloise)
and to the right is
     the baby Abyssian, Peeta!

Mahree and I went out to get flowers, and Bonnie, Mahree, and Sam went with me to put flowers on my parents' grave, Margie's grave (my daughter), and Jessica's grave (my great niece.)  Sam was very curious about the masoleum, and so Bonnie took him in to see it.





                                                         Kaitie & Tuffy


 Bonnie and Rosie (with Ozzie!)  Meika didn't want to wear the patriotic necklace!

                                I took pictures of everyone with their patriotic necklaces!


Ellsbeth lives in the same condo that Rosie does, and she came to visit us!
Mahree made a great patriotic dessert!
 Everyone was bustling about preparing for our indoor picnic----just too hot for most of the family to eat indoors!  The steaks were on the grill and the burgers were done!

Mahree and Cheryl went to put frozen water bottles in the rabbits' cages because of the heat.

Time to eat all the good food!

Mahree brought Cinna down to say hi--I think he was a little afraid!
There was even time for the boys to play in the sprinklers & little pool---89 degrees!

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