Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 141, Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday morning!  It's far less rushed than it used to be...we used to go to the 2nd & 3rd service.  Since the special needs program has all gone to just the 3rd hour, we are no longer able to attend 2 services.  We so miss our Sunday School class...the only benefit is that we have more time to get everyone ready in the morning.  I admit that is nice, but if I had a choice, I would still attend our FLOCK Sunday School class---filled with wonderful folks who are like family!
Mahree & Meika                                                                                             Merica & Mahree

As the girls got ready for church, they came upstairs to get their breakfast.  We are hoping that Merica will be able to get the splint off her leg, and maybe even begin to walk after she sees the Dr. Cassidy on Tuesday!  Using the crutches just was too difficult for her, so she's either been hopping or using the wheelchair.
As is often the case with the boys, Sam was off playing on the X-Box instead of having breakfast....fortunately the games they are allowed to play are very limited, and always rated "E!"
Spencer made it down to the family room before church to join Sam in playing games!
Mahree faithfully takes care of her pets first thing every morning, and today she also took some pictures.  This one is of either Nemo or Eloise (I can't tell them apart!!) and Mahree's face in the background is a picture of her turned in for the lizards to see!!

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