Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 124, Thursday, May 3, 2012

Today is Timothy's Birthday!  He is 38 years old today!!

Today was also Young Author's Day.  I went to listen to Merica read her story to me this morning, and she did SO well!  I was very proud of her!  After she read we went to the Book Fair and she picked out a book.  Since it was buy one get one free, I let her get two books, and only paid for 1/2 of one!  She also picked out a very cute calculator that looked like a chocolate bar and it smelled like chocolate, too!  We got one for several of the kids!

Cheryl picked Timothy up to tour a work activity center.  Turns out it isn't going to work for Tim, and he will be transported back to Cedar Springs Work Center as soon as busing can be arranged. 

While they were touring, Rosie, Bonnie & I went shopping for Tim!  We picked Kaitie up from school, and me Cheryl & Tim at Red Sun Buffet for lunch!

I went to hear  Spencer and his friend Jharel Massey read their stories to me, and then we visited the Book Fair.  Lots of fun!

I picked Mahree up from school for her last ballet lesson before the recital on May 12.  While she was in dance I went to pick up her new jazz shoes, got gas, and soup!

After we returned home, it was time for Timothy's cake & ice cream...and his presents!! 

When the party was over, Timothy got a shave from Auntie, and Bonnie & Kaitie went along to pick Rosie up from work, and take Timothy home---and then take Rosie to her condo!

Big day!!

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