Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 138, Thursday, May 17, 2012

Today Cheryl & I went to visit Simeon at Hawthorn Psychiatric Hospital.  The visit went very well.  He asked only once to come home, but seemed OK when we told him not yet.  He seems much calmer, was able to sit at the table for quite a while with us----of course, we brought Cheetos!!!

Then we showed him the bubble maker we brought for him---he really, really liked it.  We hadn't intended to leave it, but got permission to do it anyway!

then we tried to distract him with Legos and a bouncy ball, but they only worked briefly!

Then, he wanted more Cheetos, so we asked for his lunch---which he ate heartily, and still had room for more Cheetos!

After he was finished eating, he said he wanted to go home now and ride his bike.  We told him he wasn't going home yet, and he told us we could go, that he wanted to go play!
I found it rather emotional to walk away from him---and leave him there, but he was fine!  That's a good thing!
We left Northville, and headed to Frankenmuth for a little getaway.  We have great coverage at home with Bonnie and Mary Beth, so we are staying overnight.  We ate lunch (finally!) at about 4:00 PM at Zehnder's, and then did a little shopping---not a lot of money, so we did more looking than buying!  We came back to the hotel, took turns showering, and then just relaxed...seemed good to just have a break!

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