Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 133, Saturday, May 12, 2012

Big Day today!  Kara, Shonda, Rosie, Bonnie, Kaitie, and Mahree are in their annual dance recital thru Hearts in Step Christian Dance Academy!  We began our day at Lexis J's with 4 of the girls---getting their buns put in with Rhona Johnson & her sister, London!

Then, off to GR Christian High School to DANCE!   All 6 girls stayed at the school between the 3:00 PM performance and the 7:00 PM performance....Miss Dawn ordered pizza and planned crafts for the God's Girls group.  Mahree hung out with friends---brought her lunch and snacks!

 After the 3:00 PM performance Mahree greeted her guests---Grace Taylor gave her a beautiful card and some really cool dance stickers.  Stephanie came with her Mom and gave Mahree these beautiful flowers!

Mahree has always looked up to Maddie Huegli and so I had to snap a pic of the two together...  While I snapped pictures of all the dancers and friends, Merica entertained herself by playing under the stairs--I caught this shot of her coming around the bend!

 Mahree was backstage, but Cheryl snapped this shot of me with 6 of the girls!
 They honored the seniors after both performances and gave them flowers!  So nice! 
Mahree and Tori Lindsey---they were in Ballet II together.

 After the long day Auntie  and Mahree heading to the truck!

Finally got a picture with Mahree after the 7:00 PM performance, and then one with all of my dancers!!

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