Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 146, Friday, May 25, 2012

The Big Bday party for Mahree!  Her friends--Diane, Jenna, Katelyn, Mackenzie, Maia, Megan, and Stephanie came to help her celebrate!  The girls heard Mahree read a silly story to them (rather impromptu), visited the pet room and all the birds, fish, cavies, and lizards in there.  Then, they went out to the bunny barn to see all the buns, and finished up with the foster kitty family!  They returned to the kittens over and over! 

After they decorated their cakes (that they each took home), they made duct tape headbands, and then it was time to eat all the goodies.  Mahree had a gift card that she wanted to use to buy a chocolate fountain...Bonnie bought Mahree an arrangement from Edible sweet of her!  After they ate Mahree opened up her gifts, the kids ran outside for pictures, for a run thru the woods, and then they traipsed back upstairs to hold kittens!  Mahree was so "on!"  I was proud of the good hostess she was!

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