Friday, May 11, 2012

Day 126, Saturday, May 5, 2012

So thankful for Mary Beth who baby-sat for Cody & Meika so the rest of us could all attend Kaitie's graduation!
Before the graduation the Chorale practiced the class song with the participating seniors!

Kaitie graduated from His Project Homeschool with the West Michigan Homeschool Fine Arts at Bethany United Reformed Church.  There was 23 wonderful young people graduating today!

Kaitie with Rosie, Bonnie, Mom, Mahree, Aunt Cheryl, Sam, Merica, and Spencer before her graduation!

Kaitie had a display of momentoes of her life----here is her life narrowed down to 12 pictures from each grade from K-12!

Katie Ford and Kaitie Jones.  Katie's Dad was the speaker at Kaitie's graduation, and the Ford family are dear friends of ours.  I was struck by how similarly the two Katie/Kaitie's were dressed!

Kaitie & Mom after graduation!  She got out of her cap & gown so quickly that I didn't get any photos of her alone in them---will do that later!

Kaitie enjoyed the gifts that we gave her, and that Ed & Mary Geskus gave her!  Spencer was less excited!!

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