Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 134, Mother's Day, Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day, 2012
 Mahree with her lizards--Eloise and Nemo
 Spencer fixing breakfast with the recital flowers in the background!  Ready for church!  What a full day! 

Kara smiles at her little brother, Sam--ready for church, but not quite awake!
After a wonderful worship service at Calvary, my wonderful family
 gave me a very special party!  Sam gave me a beautiful heart pin and a book he colored!

Spencer gave me a delightful pitcher that he had painted!

Cody just has to think about all this "stuff!"

Although posing for pictures is not my family's most "funnest" thing to do, they did it for me!  Love them so much!

Mahree had to show me her baby bunnies--theya re spending time outside of their nest box now!

See the beautiful plant I got!  It's so gorgeous--and summery looking!
 Tuffy really likes to pose in this spot everyday!

I took pictures of everyone that was home today!  Missed my Simeon!
 Mahree and Sam

Kara and Merica

 Cody and Bonnie

Meika was saying "Happy Mother's Day!"

Timothy and Kaitie---Kaitie had a very emotional time and needed to be in her room for a while!  She recovered nicely, though!

Shonda and Spencer

 Cheryl, who coordinated the day---she baked squash for me---it was delicious,and worth the obterator needing to be rinsed out!!

Kaitie made me a flower out of a water bottle at KTC and bought a balloon for me, too!

Bonnie gave me a "MOM" balloon!
 Spencer painted a cool pitcher for me!
Rosie gave me a beautiful card and two cool shirts!

 I've wanted a bed skirt for a while, and Bonnie got me a beautiful eyelet one!
Mary Beth gave me a FROG mug---my pseudo daughter!   Mahree baked cinammon rolls and made strawberry crepes!
 Merica wanted these sandals very much, and although I didn't think they were a good idea for her, let her get them.   At church this morning, she twisted her foot, and was limping.

As the day wore on she began hopping and avoiding weight bearing---decided I wanted her foot checked out.  The x-rays showed that she has some chipped bone in two places and a sprain.  The Ibuprofen seems to cover the pain pretty well.  She was fitted for crutches, but they are difficult for her to use---she's been using Meika's old wheelchair!  An interesting end to Mother's Day!!

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