Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 111, Friday, April 20, 2012

I drove Mahree to the bus stop--it was lightly raining....

After school Merica had a Brownie Pizza party to celebrate the cookie sales this year!  Since we were a bit strapped for adults tonight, Kaitie came along for her adult participant! 

Merica has a 7:00 PM appointment to get her hair re-done at Lexis J's.  I took her beads out to help Rhonda, and hopefully speed up the process!!

Auntie has been taking Simeon along for all the rides, and I stayed home and fed the gang sloppy joes here as well! The P Family stopped over to deliver Kaitie's yearbook and her flower that the seniors were presented with last night.

She couldn't attend the concert (which she wasn't in) to have the flower presented, because we just didn't have enough adults to go around with Simeon's needs.  We had a nice visit, and the Place children signed Kaitie's yearbook!

 Poor Meika has a cold, and says her head hurts.  She doesn't have a fever, and had a hearty appetite!!

Simeon asked me to take his picture when he saw me take the one of Meika & her baby!  He can smile so sweetly!  He's been all over the place tonight--had a bath, snack, and a few rides to keep him on an even keel!

Rosie invited Bonnie to her condo for sloppy joes and games!  Pictures to follow!

Finally got home from getting Merica's hair done at 9:30 PM. 
Rhonda did a wonderful job---as always!!

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