Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 92, Sunday, April 1, 2012

Started the day off at Calvary Church---the last of a series of 10 sermons on community.  Wonderful series with very entertaining videos that were a lead in for the sermons!  Palm Sunday---the lead in for the Holy Week---wonderful time for Christians!
 Mahree put her bunny ears on Sadie, and then tantalized her with a treat so I could get a picture of her "smiling!"

One of our barn cats (who actually live in the garage!)--this is Dora and she is Mahree's cat.  The other barn cat is Pippi, and she is a calico rescue cat who was so not a people pet, but has, over time, become a sweet cat---she's Sammy's cat.

 Meika enjoyed working on her puzzle after getting ready for bed!
Spencer  & Sammy played good to see them enjoying the fresh air!

Sam gave me such a sweet smile, as Spencer waits to wrestle with him in the background!

As he left to wrestle with Spencer,                                                             Sam gave me his version of a "kung fu" move!

Mahree was on the iPad,
and Tink Addy--her kitty-cat--cuddled
up next to her--purring!

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