Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 106, Sunday, April 15, 2012

My turn to drive Simeon proved to be a difficult event----he was pretty off the wall....couldn't stay in his seatbelt at the airport as he usually can. 

 Since Bonners live close by, we went to pick up eggs that Heidi had left for me last Sunday, and to my delight Heidi and family were visiting when we arrived!  I "cut off" Heidi's head when Bonnie & she shared a hug, and Sydney came out to greet us, and gave a greeting to Hank first!

Sam and Heidi                                                                               

Sam, Heidi and Calvin!

Simeon was very agitated, and Mahree got him involved with the iPad.  She was amazing with him....he settled right in as she gently but firmly steered him to the sites that would interest him!!

 Mahree is reading The Hunger Games, and is on chapter 5---just started!  Sadie is her willing pillow!
The multi-colored eggs we got from the Bonner hens!

Mahree did some homework, and then needed to let off a little pent up energy!

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