Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 99, Resurrection Sunday, April 8, 2012

Today is such an important day in the life of a Christian--even more important than Christmas on many levels!  Jesus is Alive!!   
                     Even on Resurrection Sunday, Easter, we had to take turns driving Simeon around---I took him to the airport--he also watch Polar Express on the DVD player..

After everyone got home, we went on our annual "Easter Basket" (bags) hunt in the backyard!  Everyone joined in the fun--even Tim, Kara, Shonda, Tyler, & Katelyn!

Meika considered Cody her responsibility!!

Kara, Meredith (partially hidden) and Cody watched me open up my surprise Easter bag from Bonnie---love the card!
Tyler checked out Sam's John Deere Jeep!

Visiting while everyone finished looking for their baskets!  Meredith, Kaitlyn, Bonnie, & Tim

Waiting for a delicious meal!  Tim, Kaitie, Shonda, Kara, Sam,  Katelyn, and Cody's feet!

Bonnie, Cody, Tyler are ready to eat!

 Simeon, Sam, Mom, Rosie, Kaitie, Kara, & Shonda...
Kaitie, Tim, Shonda, and Kara

Meredith, DJ, Tim, and Auntie

Mahree, Katelyn & Merica with Meredith passing behind them!

DJ often fixes things while he visits---here he fixed a cupboard door!

Spencer and Katelyn listened while Mahree read our Easter story...with some embellishments!
Sam and Spencer
Katelyn and Aunt Merica--both age 9--- colored eggs together

Auntie & Mom watch Sam & Spencer color eggs!

The search for the eggs---Mahree asked if we could hunt for eggs this year---I made a fast trip to WalMart while everyone ate, and "hid" eggs all over the yard!

Kara watches as Meredith, my sweet daughter-in-love and I enjoy a little time together!

My wonderful son with his beautiful wife, Meredith and my precious grandchildren, Tyler & Katelyn!

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