Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 96, Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thanks to several wonderful people, we were able to have a getaway for 25 hours!  The P Family came and took care of Cody, Simeon, & Meika as well as our pets.  We were able to leave about 10ish on Thursday morning.  Melvin Stewart came and took Simeon from 11AM to 6PM until Mr. P came home from work!  Rosie went to visit the Hemphills and Kaitie went to visit the Greves where Kara & Shonda live.

Our destination was Frankfort and seeing Aunt Jody!  On the way there we stopped in Big Rapids and made a reservation at Country Inn Suites for the night!

We met Jody at A & W in Frankfort for lunch!  Aunt Jody helped Sam figure out the jukebox!

Bonnie and I made sure our mini vacation was well documented!

The day was quite cool, but so beautifully sunny!  Loved seeing Lake Michigan, the picturesque!

After a little shopping a visit to the ice cream store was in order.

All too quickly our trip to visit Aunt Jody was over and we left for Big Rapids.  We wanted to be close by in case we were needed for Simeon.  We stopped at Big Boy's for was very near our hotel.

The kids all had necklaces that glowed in the dark! 

Auntie & Sam shared a bed in one room,                                        and Spencer had the other bed.

Bonnie, Merica, Mahree, and Mom shared the adjoining room.

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