Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day 161, Graduation Open House Day June 9, 2012

 The garage is almost ready for the open house!!!  The kids helped to set things up!!

Mahree's new tennies---they SO fit her personality!!
Tom & Beth High....Tom was Kaitie & Cody's case worker when I adopted them!  What a delight to see him and meet his wife!

Brian & Becky Nix from Calvary with Kaitie
Rick and Nathan came to the open house thanks to Lenita and            .                                 Dan & Lou Ann Gaydou came as well---they have been involved in Rosie's life since she was born!  Wonderful friends!!

My brother & sil, Ed & Dottie, came and 3 of their adult kids & their families.  On the left is Becky holding Andrew, and right in front of her is Emi, then Sarah, and on Dottie's other side is Will.  In the next picture Dottie is holding Clara who is Dean & Lisa's youngest...their 2nd oldest, Catherine is in the yellow shirt.
Miss I is wearing a table decoration on her head---love the smile!    We were so thankful to Dennis & Mary Beth for all the help they gave us, as well as loaning us the drink holders and the 3 tier crock pot!
I didn't know which pictures to leave out, so I just put tons in!
Tom & Jody surprised me---I didn't know they were planning to come from up north!  So glad to see them!    In this picture I am holding my little great niece, Clara, who is 7 months old...she's Dean (behind me) and Lisa's youngest...Their other 6 children, Caleb, Katherine, Victoria, Abrielle, Julia, and Samantha were also here!
I don't think anyone got pictures of Jason & Rachel and their 3--Benjamin, Anna & Peter!

 Jill Heyweyer and her 3 children--Lauren, Sophia, and Jacob came as well as Rhonda & Stephanie--in the forefront are two of Dean & Lisa's kids and my grandson, Tyler is just sitting down & blocking his dear Mom, Meredith!      Benita Mohre and Maggie Jones pose with Kaitie---Maggie has long been Kaitie's buddy, and Benita and Maggie have both been such a blessing to us! 
Gordon & MaryLou from next door came over---couldn't find any pics of MaryLou.

Kaitie's display table and many of her wonderful gifts!   My sweet daughter, Laura and granddaughter, Lentee, were helping get things ready for the open house!

 A random photo with Nancy Greve and my daughter, Shonda on the left---at the back table is Dean Quiggle and Lori and his baby, Silas who is 10 months old, and I think that's Evelyn next to him and Jim Sytsma's back is to the camera.  The picture on the right is Lori Quiggle and Mrs. P. 
Mary Beth was an awesome help!
Diane Systma and me enjoy a little time!

Lentee, me, Maggie & Kaitie on the left, and my baby brother, Ed--with his grandkids--Benjamin & Anna trying to get his attention, my baby sister, Pepper, and me posing together---when did we get to be the grandparents!!
the pic on the right is another random picture--my sister, Pepper & Wayne are standing in the background---Jody, Benita, Maggie, Kaitie are at the table in front, and several others are in the background!

Bonnie poses with Benita!  and on the right, Maggie and Cheryl pose!

 Kara, Shonda, Nancy Greve, and Kaitie----Kaitie wants to move in the Greve AFC home as soon as they have an opening!!

Timothy with Maggie on the left, and Kaitie opens her card and gift from the wonderful Wildes!
 Mrs. Parker from KTC came as we were cleaning up the garage and Kaitie was delighted to see her---MaryBeth remembered her from when she went there! Bonnie also had gone there!  Bonnie posed with our very special Alisa Wilde who was such a blessing today with Cody---she kept track of him for about 3 hours.

Various after open house pictures...Meredith swept the entire garage; my son, as you can see is rather wet---he kept the kids occupied with water play!  Mary Beth kept busy as well!

Inside Bonnie, Cheryl, Benita, and Maggie continued to clean up---Benita and Maggie cleaned up the kitchen and all of the dishes!  Alisa, Benita, Dennis, Maggie, Mary Beth, and Meredith were such blessings today---your labors on our behalf were so appreciated!!   A huge thank you to all of you!!!


  1. I look like I'm trying to contain Andy in that picture when we were really goofing around! :) In the picture you have of Benita Mohre and Maggie Jones with Kaitie, Jason and Rachel are in the background, so you *did* get them in a picture!

  2. I thought it looked as if you were playing with him---you didn't look at all frustrated!! I had missed seeing them in that picture---so glad we got them---and the backs of Benjamin and Anna---missed Peter, I'm pretty sure!!! Maybe I can catch them on Friday!!