Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 156, Monday, June 4, 2012

Started the day out with Cody's neurology appointment.  After Bonnie put him in the truck, he emptied the door tray and dumped it on Cheryl's seat---looking for the one perfect book that he never finds!!

Fit & Fitness Day at the elementary school 
I was able to find Sam with his class......................and Merica with her class, however
      I searched and searched for Spencer---found him in his classroom,  much to his embarrassment at having his Mom come and take pictures!!

 Saw Sam in his classroom, and Merica in her classroom!

 Had to meet Rick, my "first-born" and the staff from his AFC home at his PCP.  She has been very concerned about his weight loss, and is concerned that because all tests do not show any reason for him to lose weight, that he might have an undetected cancer.  She wanted me to tell her whether or not he should have cat scans and if a cancer was discovered, decide whether or not to put him thru chemo and radiation.  She recommended not putting him thru any of this...I told her I needed time.  I really need time to pray and discuss what God would have me do.  I don't think she was pleased, but we will revisit this problem next month.  A nutritionist is going to see if she can find a way to get more calories in him (he has a g-tube.)

When we got home, I got out of the van to look at the pond.  Saw this adorable little frog sitting on a flower blossom!  Another reminder to Fully Rely On God!!


  1. Oh, wow, such scary stuff with Rick! Will be praying for you with regard to those decisions. And, what a *cool* reminder when you got out of your van to rely on God! :)

    I had "lost" your blog for this year until the other day when I saw you commented on one of Becky's blog posts, so it's really nice to have found it again! (And now I've got it on my blog reading list, so I won't lose it again.)

    Looking forward to seeing you guys in SIX days!! :)

  2. Incredible! We are also looking forward to seeing YOU all!!