Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 22, Sunday, January 22, 2012

Until I can drive, we have to leave
4 of us home on Sundays, as Cheryl
can only take 8 (9 in a squeeze) to
church. I always have a Bible lesson
for the at home family, and a coloring
page, and then listen to the live feed
from Calvary Church for myself!
Today there was an excellent sermon on anger---part of the text
came from Psalm 4...this brought me to tears, as it was Mom &
Dad's favorite passage in Scripture. They recited it every night
before going to sleep. Mom asked us to read it to her the last
few months of her life, and she would recite it from memory
while we read. Today is Mom & Dad's anniversary, so the timing
of Pastor Jim Samra using Psalm 4 was amazing!

While I watched the live feed, Cody slept,
and Merica and Sam played HiHoCherry-O!

I absolutely love this song!
Who Can Satisfy!

This verse is our current
benediction after the

My cousin, Steve Jones,
put our home makeover video on youtube.

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